Ambulance Simulator 2012

Ambulance Simulator 2012

Manage various tasks: Pick up patients and take them to their designated hospital or hurry in emergencies to the place of action. Discover a freely-accesible, open world in your ambulance or on foot. Even though you may be in a rush during an emergency mission, make always sure to keep the safety of other vehicles and pedestrians in mind. Depending on your mission, you may choose between several emergency vehicles: ambulance, patient transport ambulance or emergency ambulance. All vehicles have been recreated realistically with an eye for detail, including the technical features of their real-life models. Use flashing lights and sirens to draw the attention of other road users. You will need good organizational skills and keep a cool head if you want your mission to suceed. Interact with colleagues and patients and use your medical instruments as well as other items to treat various injuries and conditions.

    • Windows XP (SP3)/ Vista/ 7
    • 2.8 GHx Dual Core Processor
    • 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics Card GeForce 8800 or Radeon HD3870 (Dx10-compatible)
    • 1GB free HD space


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