Batman Vengeance

Batman Vengeance

Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person

One dark night in the city do not commute Goth City … Batman gets an anonymous phone call warning of a sudden a fire somewhere. Naturally, the hero rushes to the rescue and the result is helpless bound girl named Mary, and the next ticking time bomb … After his rescue Mary says that the villain the Joker kidnapped her son and demands a huge ransom for the return of the boy. So begins this story, full of all sorts of adventures and encounters with the wicked joker, poison ivy, freezer …

* Heroes of the familiar in numerous comic books and movies;
* The impressive 3D game engine and fully three-dimensional environment;
* Convenient management gameplay with a plethora of chases, fights, flights …

GeForce256 32M equivalent 3D accelerator


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