Dark Vampires The Shadow Of Dust

Dark Vampires The Shadow Of Dust

10 exciting levels Stunning 3D graphics Convincing Vampire models Underground Beats Free choice of weapon Breathing soundtrack

The mysterious vampire hunter Jack Peters carries a dark secret. No one pursues enemies as relentlessly as him. He hunts and destroy them without mercy at evry opportunity. Now the “Dark Council” of the ZWISCHENWELT calls upon its squardrons of evil to eliminate him. Jack is on the run. The Angles of Death, as the squadrons are called, are immortal beings of Darkness. Like shadow, they constanly emerge from the realms of the dead and can’t be stopped until they have quenched their thirst for the blood of the prey.

Pentium III / Athlon 800 MHz, 128 MB of memory, video card with 32 MB memory, 110 MB of space on the HDD


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