Fate Undiscovered Realms

Fate Undiscovered Realms

Genre: 3D RPG, hack and slash game

Fate: Undiscovered Realms is the sequel/expansion to Fate, also developed by WildTangent. Both games are action RPGs/roguelikes in the same vein as the Diablo series. If you purchase the boxed retail version, the original Fate is included on the installation disk as well.

This expansion adds a new storyline with two new towns and three new dungeons to explore. The first dungeon, Typhon, is has an ice them, and the second, Druantia, has an “organic” theme. After completing the quests in the first two dungeons, a third dungeon opens up in which you have to defeat the game’s boss, Kaos. This last dungeon features critters from the first two dungeons, as well as the original Fate. Throughout all your journeys you will be accompanied by your faithful pet, whom you can transform by feeding magical fish.

The hero of the town of Grove has completed his quest and celebrates his victory. But during the festivities an unusual old man appears and convinces the hero to come with him, telling him that another great evil has arisen. The old man has tricked the hero, and opened the Book of Fate, gaining its powers. The hero must now stop this new foe by exploring the dungeons of Druantia, a realm of mossy forest and dry tunnels, and Typhon, a frozen tundra and arctic wasteland.
In this game, the town of Grove has been replaced with three new realms: the Outpost of Druantia, the Outpost of Typhon and the Temple of Fate. Each realm features new randomized dungeons, shopkeepers and non-player characters (NPCs). Each dungeon is only about half the size of the original dungeon in Fate. Players start in the Temple of Fate where they are given quests to enter and complete the dungeons of Typhon and Druantia. There are also two statues in the Temple: in specific levels the player will find missing equipment which they must then put on the corresponding statues. When all the missing clothing has been put back on, the statue will release a prize, and a potion which will turn the player’s pet into the hero that the statue depicts. The statue will release the potion as many times as the player wants, but the prize is only released once. Once the first two realms have been completed, the player must return to the quest-givers in the Temple of Fate, whereupon a new dungeon is unlocked and the player tasked with defeating the lord of the dungeon and final boss in the game, Kaos.

System: Pentium III 800 MHz or equivalent
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive Space: 700 MB
Other: 512 MB RAM Vista


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