Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters

The Soviet Union won the Cold War. Red Army soldiers invaded Mexico and Canada, and in America at all, was dropped a nuclear bomb. In the chaos the country. A bomb fell on Washington, the president is dead, the Soviet troops occupying the country. An interesting perspective, does not it? However, the game forces you to deal with it by all possible forces. As always at the fore some superhero from New York, who must save the American nation from the Soviet bear and vodka. Will it?

• The game was created famous studio IO Interactive, the authors of the hit TV series Hitman
• Team tactics: you can type in your party and keep the fight up to 12 fighters for freedom. The higher your ranking commander, the more effective fight your soldiers.
• Your leadership qualities will help to raise the morale of soldiers and encourage them to save his comrades from captivity and quick capture strategic points.
• As you set your combat experience cohorts evolve from ordinary citizens to veterans of the struggle for freedom.
• Guerrilla warfare in the streets of big cities from small to large-scale terrorist missions storming enemy fortifications.
• In the game of changing seasons, and the urban landscape is gradually transformed into ruins, “remembering” all the damage to buildings and landscape, caused during the fighting.

 System: PIII 733 or equivalent
RAM: 128 MB
Video Memory: 32 MB
Hard Drive Space: 650 MB


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