Genre : Strategy

Hot on the heels of the classic Caesar III comes Pharaoh. Using the same gameplay mechanics as Caesar III, Pharaoh transports players to ancient Egypt, where they must farm the unforgiving Nile, defend the Egyptian borders against enemy nations, and build monuments that will stand for all time. Pharaoh is filled to the brim with addictive gameplay, lush and beautiful graphics, and enormous depth, all of which contribute to a great gaming experience.

The basic idea behind Pharaoh is pretty simple. You start the game as a leader of a small tribe in Egypt. You must build a village and help your people flourish. With each successful village, you will move forward in time and take on the role of one of your offspring leading larger groups of people as they take part in the grand history that made Egypt one of the most thought-provoking empires of all time. As you slowly try to lead your family to eventual control of the nation, you’ll have to gather resources for Pharaoh, build increasingly massive tombs for the city nobles and appease the often-fickle gods of Ancient Egypt. It’s never easy, but the sense of accomplishment at the end of each mission is well worth the trouble. Those who are more concerned with building the largest city they can will be happy to know that the game doesn’t automatically end at the completion of a mission ¿ you can choose to keep governing any of your cities to watch them flourish for as long as you like. Eventually your family will be given assignments of greater and greater importance until one day when you will have accumulated the power to take the throne for yourself.

Pentium 133 Mhz
32 Mb RAM
Windows 95/98/XP
360 Mb Minimum Install size
100 Mb Swap file on your Windows drive.
Video card with at least 1Mb of Memory capable of 640×480 resolution at 16 bit (High color) color depth


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