Genre: Racing

Do you still own one? If you were raised in the suburbs, you can probably still remember the sound of an RC car as it zoomed down the street, like a mouse’s blender put on puree. Some of you never forgot the sound, and upgraded to gas powered beasts, or traded in your old Tyco trawler for a high-end hobby shop racer. Or, if you’re like me, you live on a busy street and keep your old RC car in the closet full of dust. Fortunately, we now have Re-Volt, a cheap solution for all those RC racing urges. And it’s just like the real thing. This may look like a console style racer, but don’t be tricked. This is a fast-paced, fun simulation that will test your brain and your fingers as much as it will your reflexes.

P200 32M RAM 102M Disk 4x CD DirectX 6.0 3Dfx or Direct3D compatible video card with 4M RAM


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