Silent Hunter III

Silent Hunter III

Genre: Simulator (submarine), 3D
Become the captain of the submarine U-class during the Second World War. Explore the historical battles whose outcome depends on you.

- A few boats on the U-class choice of types II, VII, IX and XXI.
- Detailed playback interior of each submarine.
- As commander of the boat, you should listen carefully to his crew and to keep the morale and fatigue of sailors.
- In each voyage crew receives invaluable combat experience that positively affected their combat capability.
- High-quality modeling of water, realistic weather, historically accurate subs, ships and aircraft.
- Flexible configuration of realism, thanks to which the game is suitable not only fighting aces, but neophytes in simulyatornom genre.
- Up to 5 people in a network game.

Windows (with DirectX) Direct3D


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